Monday, May 2, 2011

May 7th

I'm excited for my busy busy busy Saturday this weekend.  1st and foremost I'm Racing For The Cure.  2nd I'm watching my husband kicka$$ in a golf tournament.  3rd I'm getting a little bit of a "mommy day" 'cause auntie is babysitting.  4th I'm having a super dinner at the Club with the in-laws.  5th I'm having a birthday drink with my bestie downtown.  & 6th, but certainly not least, I'm SCRAPPING ALL NIGHT LONG!!!  It's National Scrapbook Day and I plan to finish my 15 month old's 1st year scrapbook.  :-D  I'm ambitious, but I think I'll finish since I've already got most of it done.  Now I just need to go print pictures and make sure I have all the things I need for Saturday night...I can't wait!  And I can't think of a better Mother's Day gift, alone time scrapping!  YaY!!!!  Is it Saturday yet???

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