Sunday, August 5, 2012

My evening project

I'm starting a new job tomorrow and I'm working from home.  So, I'm getting my office ready to go.  One thing I need is a whiteboard.  I live for lists and, of course I need a super big whiteboard.  I used a large poster frame and scrapbook paper to make mine.

6 pages of patterned scrapbook paper
6 pages of white scrapbook paper
Paper cutter
1 Large poster frame 36x24

First I positioned 6 sheets of patterned scrapbook paper to fill in the poster frame. Then I used 4 of the white pages (12x12) and placed them in the corners of the frame with about a 1 1/2 inch border.  Next, I cut 2 of the white pages to be 9x10 1/2.  These pages will go in the middle of the 4 white pieces of paper.  As I found the right spot for each page I adhered it together with my ATG gun.  Lastly I put the whole thing into the frame and positioned the backing in place...Whiteboard complete!  :-)  I can't wait to get a new dry erase marker to try it out!!

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