Sunday, August 5, 2012

Scrap and work where you can ;-)

 My home is my favorite place in the world to be...however, it isn't the largest of spaces.  With a husband, a daughter, a baby on the way and with working at home; that pretty much takes up the three bedrooms we have (master bedroom, kids bedroom and office)  So, where is one to find some space for the one other thing that she is passionate about (CRAFTING/SCRAP-BOOKING)  In the upstairs hallway "nook" and in the corner on the side of my bed...I received a hand-me down "dresser and that is now my "Cards by Sarah"  space squeezed in a corner.  I love my home, my family and crafts!!  <3  Now if I can just keep all the spaces organized things will be perfect ;-) xoxo

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